Welcome to the website of the BFrisBee2’s, the Nijmegen Student Ultimate Frisbee Association.

We have two trainings each week, which take place at the Radboud Sports Centre, close to the Radboud University. On Monday, there is a beginners course in which all the basics of the sport are explained. To join this course, you can register via the website of the Radboud Sports Centre.

On Wednesday, there is a training for members of the BFrisBee2’s. More experienced players can join this training. If you are not a member of the BFrisBee2’s and you want to join a practice, please contact us at info@frisbeenijmegen.nl .

The practice hours can be found here (in Dutch) or in our agenda. This also allows you to see if we play indoor or outdoor.

Sports Card
For both trainings, a Radboud Sports Card is mandatory. This card costs about €100,- a year for students. More information can be found on the website of the Radboud Sports Centre.